Medical Chaperones

Some exams are more sensitive than others. We strive to ensure a respectful and reassuring environment in commitment to your safety and dignity.

Our Culture of Safety ensures that a trained Medical Chaperone will be present during a Sensitive Health Exam or Procedure. This is a standard and consistent practice at the Culinary Health Center.

A Medical Chaperone is available to be present during your visit and is required during any Sensitive Health Exam or Procedure (such as a genital, rectal, or breast exam).

Standards for a Sensitive Health Exam or Procedure

What is a Sensitive Health Exam?

An exam or procedure involving the genitals, rectum, or breasts.

What is a Medical Chaperone and what do they do?

A Medical Chaperone is a trained staff member who is present during the exam or procedure to assist and to serve as a witness. Your Medical Chaperone may be your provider’s Medical Assistant. Note that a Medical Chaperone may not be present if impractical, such as during a medical emergency or for standard care protocols such as an EKG.

May I decline to have a Medical Chaperone present?

Yes, you may decline a Medical Chaperone. However, it is a standard and consistent practice at the Culinary Health Center to have a Medical Chaperone present during all Sensitive Health Exams and procedures. Providers may decide not to perform a Sensitive Health Exam without a Medical Chaperone present. The presence or absence of a Medical Chaperone will be documented in your medical record. Declining a Medical Chaperone will not affect the quality of medical care provided to you.

May I request a gender-specific Medical Chaperone?

Yes, you may request a Medical Chaperone of a specific gender. We will do our best to accommodate your gender preference in accordance with applicable law. Please let us know in advance.

What can I expect during my visit?

Your privacy is our priority. We will protect your dignity and confidentiality during a sensitive health exam or procedure. You can expect: