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Culinary Health Center services

What services does the Culinary Health Center have?

The Culinary Health Center has:

  • Primary care (care for adults)
  • Pediatrics (care for babies and children)
  • Urgent care (24 hours a day, 7 days a week)
  • Culinary pharmacy
  • Dental care
  • Eye care

Does the Culinary Health Center have specialists like physical therapists?

No. The Health Center does not have specialists.

Is there a copay at the Culinary Health Center?

There is no copay for the majority of the services at the Culinary Health Center.

Using the Culinary Health Center

Do I have to make an appointment?

You don’t need an appointment for urgent care or the pharmacy. But, you need an appointment for all other services.

Department Appointment
Urgent care No
Pharmacy No
Primary care Yes
Pediatrics Yes
Eye care Yes
Dental care Yes

Call 702-790-8000 to make an appointment for primary care (care for adults), pediatrics (care for babies and children), eye care, or dental care.

I do not live near the Culinary Health Center. Do I have to go there?

It depends on your health insurance plan. If your plan is:

  • CHFtoo: You have to go to a regular doctor (primary care doctor) at the Culinary Health Center.
  • Culinary Health Fund: You don't have to go to the Culinary Health Center if you don’t want to.

What do I need to bring to be a patient at the Culinary Health Center?

To be seen at the health center you must bring your photo ID and know your Social Security number.

Do I need Culinary Health Fund benefits to use the Health Center?

Yes. The Culinary Health Center is only open to eligible Culinary Health Fund and CHFtoo members.

Questions about the Culinary Health Center

Why did the Culinary Health Fund build a health center?

We want you and your family to have a range of excellent health care services in one place. Having so many health services under one roof will save you time and money.

Where is the Culinary Health Center?

The Culinary Health Center is at 650 North Nellis Boulevard, on the east side of Las Vegas. It is one block north of Stewart Avenue.

Click the map below for directions.

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Can I get to the Culinary Health Center by bus?

Yes. 4 RTC bus routes have stops near the Culinary Health Center.

  • From the north: Take the 115 or SX bus to the Nellis @ Bonanza stop.
  • From the south: Take the 115 bus to the Nellis @ Cedar stop.
  • From the east: Take the 208 or 215 bus to the Bonanza @ Ute stop.
  • From the west: Take the 215 bus to the Bonanza @ Lillian stop.

Click here for RTC routes and schedules

Why did the Culinary Health Fund choose to build the health center at that location?

We have over 46,000 participants who live close to the Health Center. We are starting in the areas where most of our participants live, but hope to open other locations in the future.