Notice of privacy practices

In an effort to support the exchange of patient information in order to improve quality of care, Neighborhood Health Center, LLC, UNITE HERE HEALTH/​Culinary Health Fund (your health plan), and the independent health care providers at the Culinary Health Center, including Keck Medicine of USC, a division of the University of Southern California, Clinical Pathology Laboratories, Inc., Harmony Healthcare, Dr. H Ohriner, LLC, and Nevada Dental Benefits, Ltd. have agreed to participate in an Organized Health Care Arrangement (“OHCA”). An OHCA is a relationship recognized by the HIPAA privacy rules that allows its participants to share your protected health information for, among other things, quality improvement activities, population-based services and patient care programs.

Below is a copy of the Joint Notice of Privacy Practices for the Culinary Health Center, a paper copy of which is also available at the Culinary Health Center, upon request.

Your privacy is important to us. If you have any questions, issues, or complaints, please contact