COVID-19 testing scam!

Culinary Pharmacy

We have new procedures to pick up your medicine.

Our main priority is the safety and health of our participants and our staff. Due to the rising concern of COVID-19, we have made adjustments on how you pick up your prescriptions at both Culinary pharmacy locations.

  1. Call the Culinary Pharmacy at 702-963-9400 FIRST to request refills.

    • If you need to drop off your prescription, you will not be allowed to wait in the lobby.
  2. When your prescription is ready for pick-up:

    • We’ll give you a call.
    • When you come to pick up your prescription, you’ll be instructed to wait outside of the Pharmacy or in your vehicle for your safety. One of our pharmacy staff will bring your prescription to you.
Hours: Monday to Friday, 7am to 9pm
Saturday to Sunday, 7am to 5pm