$0 copay for select medicines at Walgreens

We’re aware of the long wait times at the Culinary Pharmacy inside the Culinary Health Center (CHC) and on the phone. This has happened due to us following social distancing guidelines to keep everyone safe. We’ve listened and we continue to work on solutions to provide you with better service.

That’s why we’re extending the $0 Copay at any Walgreens pharmacy for medications that you would normally get at the Culinary Pharmacies.

If you want to transfer your prescription to Walgreens:

  1. Call or go to your nearest Walgreens pharmacy.
  2. Ask Walgreens to request your prescription from the Culinary Pharmacy. You’ll need the name and other information from your prescription. Please have it ready before you go or call.
    Tip: you can take a picture of your prescription with your phone.
  3. Or you can also call your doctor’s office and have a new prescription sent directly to Walgreens.
This is only temporary. We will notify you when $0 copays are no longer available at Walgreens.

If you already have your prescription at Walgreens and want to continue going there, you don’t have to do anything.

Call the Culinary Pharmacy at 702-650-4417 or 702-963-9400 if you have questions, or need help with your prescription transfer.