Becoming an established patient

Being an established patient means that you get your health care exclusively at the Culinary Health Center.

Benefits of becoming an established patient

Getting all of your health care at the Culinary Health Center allows you to get care from a single team of providers. A relationship with your primary care provider is the best way to get comprehensive, coordinated care.

If you go to a primary care physician outside of the Culinary Health Center, our staff will ask if you want to remain with your primary, or change to the Culinary Health Center for care. You cannot switch back-and-forth.

Once you’ve chosen a primary care provider at the Culinary Health Center, we ask that you develop a relationship with your provider and not see another doctor in the network.

Reminder: A Specialist is not your primary care provider.

Getting started

All it takes is a phone call to become an established patient with the Culinary Health Center. Call 702-790-8000. You can call any time.

When you call, a representative will ask you questions about you and your health. Your answers will be given to a member of our care team, and someone will contact you.

Follow this link to learn about your first appointment at the Culinary Health Center.