Learn about Richard Nguyen, O.D.

An eye doctor at the Culinary Health Center

Dr. Nguyen is a board-certified optometrist. He’s worked in the field since 2019. Dr. Nguyen is passionate about eye health because the eyes are a window to your overall health. He wants everyone to know many health issues can be found during an eye exam, including diabetes, heart problems, high blood pressure, and more. As a provider, Dr. Nguyen welcomes all patients with open arms. His philosophy is to treat his patients as family and friends. He joined the Culinary Health Center team to treat those who are the backbone of our city.

Before joining our team, Dr. Nguyen worked as an optometrist at the EyeCare Center on Sierra Vista.

Dr. Nguyen is very active. He enjoys hiking with his dogs, traveling, and longboarding.

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