Learn about Michael Luedeman, M.D.

A doctor at the Culinary Health Center

Dr. Luedeman is a board certified doctor in family medicine. He has been serving patients for over 10 years. Dr. Luedeman is committed to being a good doctor. He prides himself on always doing the right thing for his patients. He truly enjoys making a difference in his patients’ health and lives. Dr. Luedeman also values having a good work-life balance. He enjoys helping patients and also having time to do other things he loves outside of work. He joined the Culinary Health Center team because it’s unique. He wanted to be part of an exciting new way to serve Culinary patients.

Before joining our team, Dr. Luedeman worked at a public hospital in Las Vegas. He also has experience with rural medicine.

Dr. Luedeman loves getting outside any chance he gets. He spends his time outdoors hiking and doing water sports. He also enjoys learning new things and working out.

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